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AquaNetto’s large skid-mounted Water Kiosk and Cleaning Station


AquaNetto and IMETH’s Ultra-Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and UV-C disinfection skid-mounted system

AquaNetto’s Micro-Filtration and UV-C disinfection skid-mounted system




AquaNetto units and systems for application in the agriculture and livestock sector 

AquaNetto's cleaned water & air solutions



AquaNetto's modular UV-C air duct disinfection and odour removal unit - Series ADR



AquaNetto's range of mobile and stationary Water Kiosks



AquaNetto and IMETH'S complete solution



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The selective modular structure of AquaNetto solutions permits a combination of treatment processes to be carried out simultaneously in conjunction with UV-C disinfection, thus assuring the pre-treatment, disinfection, as well as conditioning of the treated water...


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