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Air duct rack units

AquaNetto’s Air Duct Rack (ADR) series of air disinfection and odour removal units elegantly combine UV-C disinfection and oxidation with ozone to guarantee a well-aired, hygienic, odour-free, and secure environment.

General problems

Contaminated air is especially harmful if recirculated repeatedly without disinfection. In a typical waiting room air is recirculated up to an average of seventy-five times per day. The contamination of air with bacteria and viruses can increase the magnitude and spread of airborne diseases. In factories, large kitchens, and industrial work places with exhaust air, particular care needs to be taken to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, grease, and fatty vapours. The accumulation of grease in air hoods is a fire hazard and bacteria may reproduce overwhelmingly quickly on the insides of air ducts and vents.

Manually cleaning the insides of air vents and exhaust ducts is pain-staking, costly, and ineffective. Ultraviolet disinfection on the other hand instantaneously neutralises all microorganisms and does not permit them to accumulate or build up resistance. Combined with ozone fatty vapours are deodorised and a comfortable working environment is guaranteed.

The ADR series

The ADR series unit consists of a slide-in-out module which holds up to eight lamps of same or different power output. The electronic control unit is integrated with the module and thus the unit is largely unrestrained by additional space requirements, cabling, or technical expertise to install and operate.


Easy to install, retro-fit, maintain and upgrade, AquaNetto’s ADR unit provides microbe and odour free air. 

Salient features

  • Easy to install (three simple steps), maintain and clean (slide-in out system)
  • Particularly suited for retrofitting into existing installations 
  • Easy to upgrade according to the needs of the client, ambient and application
  • No assembly or cabling of electronic equipment or special expertise required on-site
  • Ready to use UV-C lamps up to 800W from all major brands
  • Individual positioning of several lamps per slide-in module according to specified requirements and de-pending on the air duct dimensions
  • Axially adjustable lamp sockets ensure exact stress-free positioning of the UV lamps
  • Can either be operated autonomously or controlled via a building management system (BMS)
  • Integrated airflow switch to turn lamps on and off when there is zero air flow
  • Integrated security switch automatically turns off the system when the module is pulled out from the duct
  • All parts that have contact with air are UV and ozone resistant

Areas of application

  • Ventilation and HVAC systems in public and private buildings, hospitals, hotels, kitchens, furnaces and smelters
  • Technical air conditioning in industry, medicine and research
  • Removal of fats and odours in the air-hoods of kitchens, fat smelters, industrial scale food production
  • Removal of odours and disinfection on industrial, sewage treatment and waste management sites

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