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Immersion units and systems

The disinfection of water, air, and the interior surface of tanks is essential as these areas are particularly prone to the build up of microbes. AquaNetto offers comprehensive water treatment solutions for a variety of applications in the form of completely submerged immersion UV-C lamps. AquaNetto’s immersion units and systems can be integrated along with other complementary water treatment methods such as filtration, chemicals, ultrasonic, and ozone, and provide an effective disinfection treatment for water, air, and the interior tank surface.

General problems

Water storage units, tanks, cisterns, and bags are prone to accumulation of microorganisms and bio-film. Without continuous disinfection of the water as well as the interior surface of the container recontamination is inevitable.

Immersion units and systems

The immersion series of units and systems consist of a central UV-C disinfection module that operates when completely submerged in water. Immersion units and systems incorporate UV-C lamps that are produced by global market leaders and that offer a wide range of power. AquaNetto’s selective modular systems provides unprecedented flexibility and adaptability due to the patented AquaNetto Head-Piece that is able to incorporate complementary processes to UV-C disinfection, as well as integrate products from leading brands in the market.

AquaNetto’s imersion units and systems can also be configured so as to treat incoming water before it fills the tank; alternatively, they can treat out-flowing water as well, in addition to the water and air stored in the tank. The appropriate modification of AquaNetto units and systems also permits the incorporation of pumps, filters, valves, and reactor tubes in order to guarantee the best possible treatment as required by the client. In addition, these units and systems can also contribute to the constant circulation of water within the tank and prevent stagnation.

AquaNetto’s submerged lamps also integrate their electronic ballasts (EVG) in a number of ways depending on the requirements and specifications of the operation. AquaNetto offers submerged units and systems which integrate the EVG along with the submerged unit; EVG may also be integrated as stand-alone external units. Dipped-in units may integrate their EVG directly or externally by means of a cable.

Salient features

  • A wide range of power – from 16W up to 600W per lamp 
  • The state-of-the-art UV sensors measure the level of water purification, the soundness of the reactor and the lamp, and assure a constant monitoring of the UV-C disinfection process.
  • Immersion units and systems may be installed in any position horizontally or vertically
  • In addition, they may either be attached to the inside tank wall, be floating on the water surface, or fixed in a matrix structure along with other units 
  • Immersion units and systems work in a wide range of ambient temperatures and up to 100% humidity
  • Depending on the application, a variety of adapters (1” up to 12” /DN50 – DN300) enable an easy connection to the in- and out-let pipes on-site
  • AquaNetto disinfection units and systems may be configured on-site according to their installation environment (0° to 360° rotatable and fixable) so that the entrance and exit of untreated and treated water is located in any angle to each other

Areas of application

  • Tanks, wells and cisterns, 
  • Swimming pools 
  • Air washers and cold air storage rooms.
  • Protection against the build up of microbes and algae 
  • Disinfection of bins and blades 
  • Large-scale industrial and municipal use in water treatment systems and plants


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At AquaNetto we develop the appropriate solution for your specific needs. As per the quality of the water or air to be treated we engineer environmentally-friendly and easy to operate solutions that combine various treatment methods to effectively and efficiently purify water and air.


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