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At AquaNetto we develop the appropriate solution for your specific needs. As per the quality of the water or air to be treated we engineer environmentally-friendly and easy to operate solutions that combine various treatment methods to effectively and efficiently purify water and air.

Customised and comprehensive solutions

Based on a selective modular approach AquaNetto solutions combine the pre-treatment, disinfection, and conditioning phases of water and air purification. Such an open-architecture approach also permits the combination of complementary disinfection technologies, which increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of treatment while reducing costs and negative environmental effects.

Unprecedented ease of use and maintenance

In order to maximise value creation on-site AquaNetto solutions are relatively easy to install, maintain, and operate. The units and systems contained in any solution operate in a wide range of environments, centralised or de-centralised modes, and are easy to upgrade. In turn, they are ideal solutions for new installations, simple to retro-fit to existing installations, and have a wide variety of applications in developed, developing, and emerging countries, as well as during emergency situations.

Unique features and advantages of AquaNetto solutions

  • Effectively combine complementary treatment methods
  • Exceptional plug-and-play concept
  • Position-independent design and mounting of units and systems
  • Patented multi-functional Head-Piece enables the connection of peripheral products
  • Economic Consumption-Conditioned Operation  maximises energy efficiency and responds to real-time needs
  • Powered by hybrid sources of energy (on-grid supply, photovoltaic, wind and hydro-turbines, generators, and batteries)
  • Self-explanatory Human-Machine Interface
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Minimal additional fittings, plumbing, or technical expertise required
  • Upgrade and adapt with ease
  • Exceptionally long product life-cycle
  • High standard of protection and quality control
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