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Emergency water supply

In developed country, water supply doesn't seem to be very important. But natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or winter storms may happen everywhere in the world, and could stop water supply, which can become a health emergency.

AquaNetto Solutions

  • AquaNetto's range of Water Kiosks are designed for all individuals and groups interested in providing disinfected potable water-on-site, cleaned water storage, and centralised and decentralised water distribution. The water kiosks are ideal for treating water contaminated with bacteria and sediments as well as water sourced from streams, wells, mountain lakes, or relatively unpollued water delivered by lorry or the community. 





AquaNetto's large water kiosk for

flow rates up to 30m3/h


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AquaNetto water kiosks are available in two sizes and various versions depending on the quantity and quality of water to be treated respectively...



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