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The chemical industry has special requirements, as there is no place for failure when processing the corrosive, toxic and dangerous fluids involved in developing basic chemical product. So in industries where the final product’s quality is absolutely imperative, AquaNetto’s technology allows customers to ensure the final product’s integrity.

As Aquanetto’s customers expand to new markets, they can rely on our top-quality products support to keep their plants running smoothly anywhere in the world, as our innovative, cost-effective and multi-functions products and solutions are tailored to suit the specific needs and applications of clients in different regions of the world. In addition, all our products integrate state-of-the-art security mechanisms and sensors.  

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The selective modular structure of AquaNetto solutions permits a combination of treatment processes to be carried out simultaneously in conjunction with UV-C disinfection, thus assuring the pre-treatment, disinfection, as well as conditioning of the treated water...

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