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Potable water, Luzern, Switzerland

Innovative and elegant, effective and efficient, safe and reliable – AquaNetto UV-C disinfection units for potable water needs

AquaNetto’s UV-C disinfection unit installed for a private client provides disinfected and cleaned water for potable and domestic use. The unit consists of a central UV-C disinfection unit with an integrated UV-C transmission sensor, sampling outlet, and safety shut-off valve. The electronic control unit is wall mounted to the side. The solution has been designed with consideration of the client’s requirements and constraints of physical space, and optimised so as to facilitate operation and maintenance. Due to the fact that the water to be treated is free from particulate matter, a simple disinfection by UV-C irradiation suffices to instantaneously eliminate all bacteria, viruses, and microbes.

AquaNetto UV-C disinfection unit alongside the electronic control unit and spare supplies prior to operation

Two particularly salient features of the AquaNetto solution are the ease of maintenance and the guarantee of safety and quality. The UV-C disinfection unit installed can be easily assembled and mounted for maintenance with bare hands and the bare minimum of tools. Easy access to the quartz glass sleeve and the UV-C lamp enables the operator to regularly tend to the minimum required maintenance of the unit and thus prolong its life and efficiency. The head piece is easily opened and the UV-C lamp may be easily replaced when it reaches the end of its life (approximately 16000 operating hours). In addition the quartz glass sleeve housing the UV-C lamp may be easily removed for periodic cleaning. The images below demonstrate just how easy the maintenance and operation of the unit is.

The head-piece

Accessing the UV-C lamp

Accessing the quartz glass sleeve

In addition to being easy to operate and maintain, the AquaNetto solution also guarantees state-of-the-art protection and reliability. A UV-C transmission sensor is integrated in the reactor tube of the unit and provides a direct measure of the level of UV-C irradiation and thus, the disinfection of the water. In addition, a temperature sensor and a safety shut-off valve are also integrated in the unit. Finally, a sampling outlet allows the operator to obtain a sample for testing at any moment.

The UV-C transmission sensor being inserted into the reactor tube nipple

The temperature sensor and valve

The sampling outlet

Obtaining a sample

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