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Potable water, South Horr, Kenya

Providing potable water for the children of the Sumurai School in South Horr, Kenya: an exemplary environmentally and socially sustainable solution.

The water treatment system developed for the Sumurai School in South Horr, Kenya, consists of a particle filter for pre-treatment and a central UV-C disinfection unit. The system integrates a state-of-the-art UV-C irradiation security sensor and safety shut-off valves. The water treatment system is particularly easy to operate, maintain, and service, and integrates all necessary checks and controls to ensure that there is no drop in the effectiveness of disinfection or quality of water.


The AquaNetto system assembled for final checks before delivery

The integrated in-line filter removes sediments and fine particulate matter before the central UV-C disinfection


The electronic control box of the system, powered by regular on-grid electric supply and solar photovoltaic panels

Previously, school children and family members had to make a journey of several kilometres each day to retrieve water in jerry-cans. Henceforth, with AquaNetto’s system, clean drinking water is only a few metres away and children can appropriately prioritise their time to attending school rather than having to walk to retrieve a basic necessity, often taken for granted and wasted in other parts of the world. In addition to benefitting the school children directly, family members and villagers also make use of the taps providing clean water at the school compound. The availability of cleaned water has also helped with the irrigation and gardening needs of the community.

Previously, children had to spend time fetching water; now, they may enjoy a basic right many take for granted


School children and local community members and cleaned water

Attestations from the Head Teacher of the Sumurai School

The installation of the AquaNetto system necessitated the laying down of a new piping system which connected the water source to the school over a distance of a few kilometres and required long hours of arduous labour. Member of the community most graciously and whole heartedly provided their best efforts and the project was completed not only with effectiveness and efficiency, but also with great emotion. The project was overseen in the field by Mrs. Breu, without whose charitable and noble efforts AquaNetto would never have been able to serve the children and community of South Horr.


At work laying down plastic pipelines

A well deserved rest; preparing meals


Mrs. Breu, and the school children


The installed AquaNetto system on-site

If you are engaged with a non-profit association or an institution of a charitable nature and wish to provide similar environmentally and socially sustainable solutions that provide open-access to water to all please do contact us to develop new projects.


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