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Swimming pools and spas

Private swimming pools require disinfection to reduce the accumulation of microorganisms. Most of the time, chlorine based disinfectants are used. But chlorine disinfectants can cause several problems to humans, such as “red eyes”, skin irritation, and respiratory tract ailments such as infections, hyper reactitivity, bronchitis, etc.. because of the formation of chlorinated by-products like chloramines.

Chloramines appear when chlorine meets ammonia (for instance contained in urea), that bathers bring in the water. It’s actually possible to avoid these problems by using Ultraviolet treatment system, which reduces significantly the concentration of chloramines in the water. A second use of UV in swimming pool is the disinfection of water. It’s also possible to reduce the consumption of chlorine on municipal swimming pools with an average of 50% without any increase of bacterial counts in the water.

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The selective modular structure of AquaNetto solutions permits a combination of treatment processes to be carried out simultaneously in conjunction with UV-C disinfection, thus assuring the pre-treatment, disinfection, as well as conditioning of the treated water...

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